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Board and Train

Board & Train route has great benefits. The dog comes to stay with us for the most thorough detailed training done by myself personally. I will teach the dog the desired commands and obedience such as sit, down, stay, come, heel and more. In addition I work to modifying any needed behaviors. Your dog stays indoors in climate-controlled housing and get access to multiple fenced yards with regular outings for pottying, exercise and even  group pack play if suitable. After training the owner then gets an about 2 hour handling lesson to help make the transition back home as seamless as possible. This is not only so you can handle the dog but also to teach you how to continue to progress the dog further if desired. This option makes things much easier for busy owners, people who struggle training in general or for people who have a difficult dog. 



Private Coaching

These are private sessions that can be done at our facility, a park or in the comfort of your own home for a ono-on-one approach. The trainer coaches you to train your own dog on obedience cues, house breaking, or to modify inappropriate behaviors. Most often these are held weekly. This option is good for people who have the time and lifestyle who enjoy the training process. 





Training Workshops

A training option allows you to be coached by the trainer with others but in a custom approach to fit you and your dog's needs vs a typical group class. These workshops allow you to observe other owners and dogs be coached which also has many benefits. You do not have a limited course with the pressure to stay on the same schedule as others like a group class. Though you should come often and regularly for best results you have the ability to be flexible in how often you come and for how long unlike a typical group class. 














Basic Obedience- Common obedience commands like sit, down, stay, heel and come taught to a moderate level started on basic distractions such as new environments, people or other animals present. Recommended minimum for all pet dogs with the typical lifestyle. 


Advanced Obedience- All of the common commands with Basic however more proofing is done with a wider variety of environments and higher levels of distractions such as groups of people and numerous animals in close proximity. Recommended for dogs who will have a busier lifestyle including things such as vacation with the family, attend breweries or various public activities with higher distractions. This often includes a more solid "off leash" training. 


Behavior Modification- modifying unwanted and inappropriate behaviors.

  • Dog Reactivity

  • Human Reactivity

  • Counter Surfing 

  • Resource Guarding

  • Jumping

  • Mouthing

  • Excessive Barking

  • Destruction

Other Training Services


Clicker Training for any of the above topics!


Electronic Containment System Training such as underground fences, wireless or invisible fences. The training is the most important part and contributes greatly to the success of these systems.


Remote Training Collars (E-Collars)- If it is determined that a remote collar is appropriate for you and your dog then I can help you to properly use it and incorporate it into training. When used properly these collars can be very effective and humane.


If you need help with something that you do not find listed here, please contact me. I can help with numerous other problems such as accepting Nail trims and Veterinary Exams.


Family Dog Training Services, LLC's ultimate goal is to teach you how to communicate effectively and humanely with your pet.


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