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The most valuable tool in training a dog is  having a solid bond and relationship with your dog. Taking time to truly connect ensuring you have absolute trust and understanding in each other. Clear communication is critical in your relationship and how you and your dog will progress together. I believe that allowing a dog to be as free as possible and being able to be a "dog" (appropriately), especially with you, is invaluable. Dogs have natural desires they try to fulfill and when not given appropriate opportunity they will do so in an inappropriate (in our life style) way. My goal is to give you the knowledge to handle your dog appropriately while teaching your dog the necessary skills to improve both you and yours dog overall quality of life together. Strengthen your bond, create clear communication and just as importantly maximize trust. 

Training Philosophy

I do not believe that there is a "one size fits all" training approach however I use mostly a positive reinforcement/motivational type of training approach. With this the dog chooses to work to get things the dog likes such as a treat, food, praise and/or playing.

I think dogs learn best by a motivational approach and this is especially valuable in the early teaching phases of training. It is important to understand though that you should properly wean your dog off of the treat or toy showing them they have to obey and follow your commands with or without them present. Just because you initially teach with a motivator, like food or toys, it does not mean you will need those long term to have control and obedience from your dog. My intermediate and advanced courses focus on this the help you to wean properly.

Though I am primarily Positive Reinforcement, I am open to other training approaches should it be necessary. I have training and experience in a variety of different approaches and philosophies. I do believe that regardless you should always try the most positive methods first. I like to play by the rules of "Be as nice as you can be and only be as hard as you have to be". There are a small group of dogs that may need a different approach, especially at particular phases of training, so I do not limit myself from those should they be needed. My goal is to work with you to determine the best and most effective approach for your family and the dog.

Obedience Phases

Basic Obedience Cues for Puppies and Adult Dogs (Phase 1):

Give your dog a solid foundation of Sit, Sit/Stay, Down, Down/Stay, Loose Leash Walking, Recall/Come, Targeting, Focus, Heel, Leave It and No Jumping.

Intermediate Obedience Course (Phase 2):

I believe once your pet has an understanding for basic obedience cues it is critical for your pet to learn to listen to those cues while around distractions such as other dogs, people, small animals, and cars. My intermediate course makes sure your dog is weaned off the treats (if used) and clicker and will listen and respond to the cues by hand signal and/or verbal cues.

Advanced Obedience Course (Phase 3):

After teaching your dog to listen to obedience cues with hand signals and/or verbal cues without treats, while around some distraction and in various places you can then further proof your dog to enhance those cues while off leash (if applicable) and around HIGH distractions. Teach your dog to listen to all cues at a distance while off a leash and around a large variety of high distractions. You will also improve your dogs speed and accuracy so he/she listens the FIRST time you ask and does it in a timely fashion.

Other Training Services

Solutions and Prevention for Common Behavior Problems:

House Breaking, Chewing, Digging, Puppy Nipping/mouthing, Leash Pulling, Jumping, Barking, Counter Surfing and other Unruly Behaviors.

Clicker Training for any of the above topics!

Electronic Containment System Training such as underground fences, wireless or invisible fences. The training is the most important part and contributes greatly to the success of these systems.

Remote Training Collars (E-Collars)- If it is determined that a remote collar is appropriate for you and your dog then I can help you to properly use it and incorporate it into training. When used properly these collars can be very effective and humane.

If you need help with something that you do not find listed here please contact me. I can help with numerous other problems such as accepting Nail trims and Veterinary Exams.

Vaccination Requirements

Workshop and Board & Train

   * All pets must be current on the Distemper/Parvo combo, Rabies Vaccinations, Bordetella Vaccines and must have a negative fecal test within the last year.

Private Sessions

   * Pets must be current on Distemper/Parvo and Rabies Vaccinations.

*** All Vaccinations must be given by a Licensed Veterinarian ***

Family Dog Training Services, LLC's ultimate goal is to teach you how to communicate effectively and humanely with your pet.

Board and Train

Board & Train route has great benefits. The dog goes to stay with the trainer for the most thorough training approach for the dog. The trainer teaches the dog and addresses your concerns to reach your goal. The owner then gets handling lessons from the trainer on how to handle the dog and to continue progressing forward. This makes things much easier for busy owners, people who struggle training in general or for people who have a difficult dog to handle. The dogs are housed in spacious indoor, heat and cooled kennels. They are well exercised and get regular interaction even outside of training. Kennel cameras allow the trainer to observe and monitor dogs anytime anywhere.

Training Workshops

A training option less expensive as the private lessons yet you still get the custom approach to fit you and your dogs needs vs a typical group class. These workshops allow you to even observe other owners and dogs be coached which also has many benefits. You do not have a limited course with the pressure to stay on the same schedule as others like a group class. Though you should come often and regularly for best results you have the ability to be flexible in how often you come and for how long. 

Private Sessions

*Limited Availability Due to Covid*

These are sessions that can be done in the comfort of your own home but can also be done off site one-on-one. We can work on obedience cues, house breaking, counter surfing, jumping, mouthing and other problem and unruly behaviors. The benefit to private lessons are less distraction, more customized training to fit you and your pet's needs and the ability to work with a dog in the environment where they are most problematic.

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