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The most valuable tool in training a dog is having a solid bond and relationship with your dog. Taking time to truly connect ensuring you have absolute trust and understanding in each other. Clear communication is critical in your relationship and how you and your dog will progress together. I believe that allowing a dog to be as free as possible and being able to be a "dog" (appropriately), especially with you, is invaluable. Dogs have natural desires they try to fulfill and when not given appropriate opportunity they will do so in an inappropriate (in our lifestyle) way. My goal is to give you the knowledge to handle your dog appropriately while teaching your dog the necessary skills to improve both you and your dog's quality of life together. Strengthen your bond, create clear communication and just zs importantly maximize trust. 

Training Philosophy

I do not believe that there is a "one size fits all" training approach. I believe that you should strongly consider the dog in front you to determine the best training approach. For teaching I most often use a motivational type of training approach. With this the dog chooses to work to get things the dog likes such as a treat, food, praise and/or playing. I work hard to build a bond and positive relationship with each dog I work with. The initial foundation is, in my opinion, the most important part of a dog's education. I take the time to truly teach the dog so that it is something they will retain long term. I believe for most dogs teaching when they are motivated particularly with food sets the best foundation when done with patience and detail. It is important to understand, though, that you should properly wean your dog off of the treat or toy showing them, they have to obey and follow your commands with or without them present, so bribing isn't necessary. Just because you initially teach with a motivator, like food or toys, does not mean you will need those long term to have control and obedience from your dog. Once trained a dog should comply with or without the initial motivator. 


Though the core to my program is Positive Reinforcement, I do believe dogs need accountability and commands often need to be enforced. I take a very careful approach showing this to dogs in their programs. I have training and experience in a variety of different approaches and philosophies so have abilities to adjust the training approach to the dog at hand. I continue to work with highly accomplished and successful trainers around the world on a regular basis (often monthly) to broaden my toolbox. 


My philosophy is "Be as nice as you can be and only be as hard as you have to be". There are a small group of dogs that may need a different approach, especially at particular phases of training, so I do not limit myself from those should they be needed. My goal is to work with you to determine the best and most effective approach for your family, the dog and lifestyle. 

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