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About Me and my Pack!


Steven Jackson


I am the owner and head trainer at Family Dog Training Services, LLC. I have been training dogs professionally since 2007. Along with dog training I also have extended experience in the veterinary field since 2004. I have worked as hospital manager, vet tech., surgical assistant and do veterinary ultrasonography.  I have a wonderful wife and two amazing sons along with 4 dogs and a few goats. I am a strong dog lover who takes great passion for dog training. I enjoy learning and trying new things with even my own dogs. Though I love dogs of various breeds and sizes, German Shepherd Dogs always play a big role in my life. Having had them my entire life, even as a small child, they have always had a special spot with me.  My current pack includes three German Shepherd Dogs named "Axel", "Kiera" and "Aero" and a Rottweiler named "Kodi". I enjoy Schutzhund training, trying new venues with my dogs and any outdoor activities with my family. 



Born June 2013

Kodi came to me as a very young and sick pup at about 5 weeks old. He is a super social and affectionate guy with a strong personality. He has the typical rottie trait of having to lean on you and is happiest when he can touch you. He plays ball and loves to swim. Otherwise he is a pretty low key dog. 


German Shepherd Dog

Born April 2016

Axel is a workingline German Shepherd who I have had since 12 weeks old.  He has strong ball drive and absolutely loves to train. He can make a toy from just about anything including  sticks and rocks! A dog full of personality and unbelievable intelligance. He is a very driven dog. 


German Shepherd Dog

Born January 2017

Kiera was imported from Czech at around 10 months old. She is a strong bred workingline German Shepherd. She is very lively and affectionate with her family and is super loyal. She has natural protective instincts and loves to "work". She loves to do protection work and thrives off of a challenge. 


German Shepherd Dog

Born November 2017

Aero is the son of my Axel. He is a very confident and independent guy. He loves exploring around. He has a natural liking for small children and tends to be a fan of theirs as well. He can be a competitive little guy. He loves to play ball and rough house around with his pack. 

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