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About Me and my Pack!

Steven with Eis.jpg

I am a strong animal lover and have been obsessed with dogs for as long as I can remember. As a small child I began to develop a deep passion for dog training. I love to learn and try new things with even my own dogs. Though I love dogs of various breeds and sizes German Shepherd Dogs have always played a large role in my life. Having had them my entire life, even as a small child, they have always been my heart breed. I enjoy Schutzhund, or now called IGP, with some of my own dogs. Recently my dog Eis and I qualified for the 2024 National Championship where we hope to compete. I personally enjoy multiple venues with my dogs and enjoy most outdoor activities with my family. 

Christen Jackson

Business Administrator

Christen is my amazing and beautiful wife. She spent 17yrs working in Ophthamolgy full time. As Family Dog Training Services continued to grow I developed a need for assistance in day to day duties which lead to me recruiting her to join me. She has always been a major support system behind the scenes but now you will likely interact with her as she does scheduling, assist with pick ups and helps care for the dogs and facility. She is my biggest support system and brings a great detail to the business and pet's care. 

Christen Paisley.jpg

Steven Jackson

Owner/Head Trainer

I first began training dogs professionally in 2006 after earning my certification in dog training through Animal Behavior College. Along with dog training I also worked full time in Veterinary Medicine for 17 years serving most of that managing a practice in Hanover County. 

I have a wonderful wife, Christen, as well as two wonderful sons, Blake and Blane who all play a large role in Family Dog Training Services, LLC. Together we have our own pack of dogs, a few pet birds, a cat, a bunny and a Guinea Pig along with chickens and several goats. A small hobby farm we like to call it. They almost all often help us to assist dogs in their training programs here.  

Blake and pug.jpg

Blake & Blane Jackson

Support Staff

My sons,  Blake and Blane, are always quick to jump in and help any dog that could benefit from them. Their favorite thing is playtime with the dogs and giving them their nightly treats after final walk. They also both help with distraction work and confidence building.


Blake is my oldest son and he is a crazy animal lover. He has a love for all animals and shows very natural tendencies with dogs and training. Blane is my youngest son who, though is shy, is very helpful and just loves to be hands on even if its just assisting with kennel cleaning duties.

Both love meeting and getting to know all of the dogs who come here. They often get very close to the dogs developing a true bond and relationship that often rolls over to their owners as well. I thoroughly enjoy having them involved in my programs. 

Blane and Paisley.jpg
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